Inverted Nipple Correction Surgery

Inverted nipples are relatively common and can result in aesthetic concerns, leading to a negative impact on self-confidence and self-esteem. In addition to a comprehensive range of breast surgery procedures, Dr. Kunaal Jindal at Studio Plastic Surgery in Toronto offers inverted nipple correction. Dr. Jindal maintains a reputation for excellence and beautiful surgical results.

He has spent over 10 years cultivating his specialized techniques and takes immense pride in his work. As Toronto’s premier luxury plastic surgery and aesthetics clinic, Studio Plastic Surgery is centered around helping you achieve the body that looks and feels ideal for you. If you’d like to get started, please contact us at Studio Plastic Surgery to set up your consultation.

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What Is an Inverted Nipple?

An inverted nipple points inward instead of projecting outward from the breast. It is often caused by milk ducts in the breast that are either not as long as they would typically be or have become tighter than usual. A life event such as breastfeeding can sometimes cause this condition, but it can also occur due to genetic factors. 

In some cases, the inverted nipple can be temporarily corrected with stimulation or light pressure, but then returns to its inverted position.  In more significant cases, the nipple remains inverted and cannot be brought out with conservative measures.  The degree of inversion will be assessed during your consultation with Dr. Jindal and he will discuss the best surgical option for you.

The Benefits of Nipple Correction at Studio Plastic Surgery

Inverted nipple correction surgery comes with a wide range of benefits. During your initial consultation, Dr. Jindal will learn about your personal goals and explain the various benefits. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Improved body confidence and personal comfort
  • Restored appearance of the breast and nipple
  • Improved nipple projection

Getting Started with Your Consultation

Your surgical journey at Studio Plastic Surgery will involve an initial consultation with Dr. Jindal at our welcoming and luxurious Toronto office. We focus on providing our patients with an unparalleled level of service and care. Dr. Jindal and our team work closely with everyone who comes through our doors to create customized treatment plans. As a result, our patients experience results tailored directly to their personal goals.

Dr. Jindal will explain the procedure to you in detail, covering everything from the surgical techniques to the recovery period you’ll experience once your surgery is complete. You’ll be able to ask any questions you might have, as it’s our goal to ensure that all of our patients have peace of mind while they look forward to their surgical outcome.

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Inverted Nipple Correction Procedure

Inverted nipple correction surgery is performed under local anesthesia.   This is a relatively quick and painless operation, and patients are even able to drive themselves home.  Dr. Jindal performs a technique that divides the shortened milk ducts and fibrotic bands to allow the nipple to project to its natural position. This results in a permanent correction of the inversion.  It is important to understand that patients will not be able to breastfeed after this procedure.

After Your Nipple Repair Procedure

Recovery after inverted nipple repair is fairly minimal. You’ll experience mild bruising and swelling with minimal discomfort. Our team will ensure that you have everything you need to remain comfortable throughout your recovery process. We will provide you with aftercare instructions, and schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that your recovery is progressing nicely. Most patients can return to their normal activities after just a day or two, but we recommend waiting at least two weeks before resuming any strenuous activities or vigorous exercise.

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Cost of Inverted Nipple Correction

At Studio Plastic Surgery, the cost of Inverted Nipple Correction procedures starts at $10,145. This inclusive price encompasses various components such as the surgeon's fee, facility charges, anesthesia, pre-operative consultations, post-operative care, and any necessary follow-up appointments. The total expense may vary based on individual factors such as the severity of the inversion, the complexity of the correction needed, geographic location, and any additional procedures required for optimal results.

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Our Luxurious Offices Studio Plastic Surgery

When visiting Dr. Jindal and his team at Studio Plastic Surgery in Toronto, patients experience the height of luxury. Expect a warm and welcoming space that combines upscale aesthetics with an unmatched commitment to procedural excellence. Our boutique practice offers patients a combination of both surgical and non-surgical options, giving you a number of ways to realize your goals.

Dr. Jindal’s commitment to the latest in procedural techniques and the most advanced technology means you’ll achieve satisfactory results, often well beyond expectations.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Inverted nipple repair can restore your confidence, enabling you to feel better about the way your breasts look and feel. If you’re interested in learning more about Studio Plastic Surgery or are interested in exploring the various procedures we have available with Dr. Jindal, our team is here to help. Reach out to our Toronto office and set up your initial consultation today.

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